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“I only did it half-heartedly and when it wasn't gone after a couple weeks, my midwife grabbed my boob, squeezed out some milk onto a q-tip, applied it to the umbilical stub and — pop!— within a matter of seconds she had worked it off with the milk-soaked swab.” English mum Rachel Fox was told breast milk would help clear up her eldest child's gooey eye.

And while that shouldn’t be so shocking, it is, at least to me.While it's effective, there is one problem: The application. Breastfeeding nutrition recommendations are more relaxed than those you followed in the nine months before your baby was born- and this is welcome news to many mothers!Well, a drug store line, a PTA meeting or a play date with new friends isn’t the place for my back story, something the drug store mom seemed to understand and expect. Now, after having had a chance to reflect, if I could say anything to the drug store mom who left before me with a friendly, “Feel better,” it would be, “What went wrong that you didn’t breastfeed? The Local's series Motherhood in the Fatherland follows new mum Sabine Devins as she navigates the cultural quirks of having a baby in Germany.

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