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The price was not to be lower than £1 per acre, and land put up at a higher price would be reduced month by month until it came down to £1 per acre, and if not taken up at that price it would be sold by auction.Safeguards were to be adopted to prevent fraud in the auction-room, and means adopted to enable bona-fide purchasers to obtain the land.The House of Assembly agreed to the extension of time, to an increased area being given, and that steps should be taken to survey the laud without any unnecessary delay. Then the acting Governor was advised to prorogue Parliament with a view to an immediate dissolution of the House of Assembly. There had been six weeks of "crisis-mongering", and the real work of the country had again been trifled with by party strife. George of the Land Reformers", as the Register dubbed him—announced to the House of Assembly the Policy of the new Ministry.On the 3rd of September the Treasurer in his budget speech drew rather a gloomy picture of the state of public finances, the deficiency in the revenue for the previous three years amounting to £500,000, which deficiency was ascribed mainly to the drought in the north, the red rust in wheat, and the consequent falling off in the sales of land and in the customs receipts. Glyde, the Commissioner of Crown Lands, introduced the Government scheme for the reform of the land system generally. This catastrophe was, however, averted, and a new Ministry was formed by the Hon. Each Ministry had propounded a Land Bill, no two of which were in any respect identical, and in each debate the difficulty of the situation had become more and more complicated. With regard to the Northern Territory, it was similar to that of its predecessors; it was their intention to raise £40,000 for the purpose of continuing the survey of that country, and for the carrying out of the provisions of the Northern Territory Act. The first session of the fifth Parliament was opened by the acting Governor on the 31st of July, 1868, and in his inaugural speech touching references were made to the late "good and impartial" Governor, and also to the attempt on the life of the Duke of Edinburgh at Sydney. John Forrest.—Colonel Warburton.—Gosse.—Giles.—Higher Education.—Prince Alfred Sailors' Home.—Bushmen's Club.—New Industries.—Progress in Buildings.—Valedictory Address of Governor Sir Richard Hanson, Acting Governor.—Antecedents of Mr. Musgrave.—Policy with regard to Northern Territory.—Gold Companies.—Visit of Mr. The total number of candidates to fill the thirty-six places was fifty-six, twenty in excess of the number required.Then followed a comprehensive sketch of the state of the colony and of the duties devolving upon the new Parliament.The sketch included special reference to the temporary depression affecting so many of the sources of industry; to the excellent services rendered by the Committee appointed to inquire into the red rust in wheat, so disastrous to the last harvest; to Captain Cadell's roseate-hued reports of the Northern Territory, and the responsibility of Parliament in respect of the contracts entered into with the holders of land orders for the sale of land in that Territory. Kingston was again unanimously elected Speaker, the reply to the Address was carried in both Houses without a division, and, so far, everything promised well.

It is not necessary to chronicle the details of the Government scheme as, the resolutions in which they were couched being rejected, the Ministry resigned. In the latter case, the deposit was to be twenty per cent., which was to be considered as four years' interest paid in advance, and four years more was to be allowed for the payment of the principal.

There, twenty-eight amendments were made and sent down to the House of Assembly.

Two of them affected the vital principle of the Bill, and the Assembly, accepting the twenty-six, stood firm with regard to the other two.

Colonel Hamley soon produced the impression that he desired to thoroughly understand and to faithfully discharge his functions.

He showed that he wished to do his duty without overdoing it.

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John Forrest.—Bridging the Murray.—Wreck of the Gothenburg.—Opening of Adelaide University.—Union College.—Magnificent Gifts.—Governor's Farewell Address Mr. Favenc.—The Census.—Visit of Prince Albert Victor and Prince George of Wales.—A Day at Collingrove, Angaston.—The Adelaide Exhibition.—The Torrens Lake.—Drought and Agricultural Distress.—Charter of Adelaide University.—Governor's Farewell Speech.—South Australian Loans Antecedents of Sir William Robinson.—Formation of Old Colonists' Association.—The Bray Ministry. As regarded the former there were so many schemes and theories afloat, and such diversity of interpretation of them, that it was extremely difficult for electors to form an opinion as to the relative merits of any particular one.

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