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During illness the body takes nutrients from non-vital parts of the body (the hair) and re-directs them to areas necessary for survival. The rate of hair growth is very slow (approximately 6 inches per year), and therefore one can judge an individual’s past health from the quality of hair of differing lengths.

If you experience illness, the section of hair growing in this time will be of lesser appearance than when you are well.

Therefore, it is easiest to judge whether another is attracted to you if they have blue eyes.

This helps explain the liking for blue eyes in both sexes, as it is equally important for a woman to judge whether a male is attracted to her.

Blue Eyes: The only available explanation for the universal liking for blue eyes was offered in 2002.

The human pupil dilates when it is exposed to a stimulus that it likes – e.g. This can be used as an honest indication of an individual’s liking for something.

Men universally prefer a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7. It has been suggested that this is because healthy women have lower waist to hip ratios than healthy women.So we cannot hide our attraction to someone, as we cannot control this automatic dilation.Blue is the lightest colour of human iris, and therefore the dark brown pupil is easiest to observe in blue eyes.Diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and strokes change body-fat distribution, increasing waist-to-hip ratios.Women with lower waist-to-hip ratios also are more fertile, as they have larger amounts of reproductive hormones.

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