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It saw the British Navy who lost more men and ships but remained a strong tool against the German Navy.

However, the two sides lost four battle-cruisers and a pre-dreadnought battleship.

It was considered to be the largest naval battle and the only full-scale clash of warships.

The war brought together the two most dominating and powerful naval forces of their time.

The Germans claimed that it was a victorious war for them as the British navy had lost more ships and around 6,000 men in total.

From past 3,000 years, humans are involved in naval battles.Leyte Gulf was crucial in that it wiped out much of the remaining Japanese surface fleet while nearly ending Japan’s ability to move resources from Southeast Asia to the home islands.Japanese navy lost four aircraft carriers, six heavy and four light cruisers, three battleships and eleven destroyers, along with several hundred aircraft and over 10,500 sailors.It was a naval war between Italian Royal Navy (Regia Marina) and the British Royal Navy and the Royal Australian Navy.The war took place 30 miles to the east of Punta Stilo, Calabria, on 9 July 1940.

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