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Teleoceras had much shorter legs than modern rhinos, and a barrel chest, making its build more like that of a hippopotamus than a modern rhino. Original fossil skeleton and cast replica also available. This amazing Mammoth skeleton measures 6 m x 3.3 m (19 feet x 10.82 feet) The tusks are 130 kilo ( 3 meter long / 9.8 feet). It weighed 150 kg in life, and combines features of canine and feline predators.

Daphoendon resembled a giant dog with a flexible cat-like body .

The skull is 14 and amazing and its mounted beautifully for your enjoyment. This is an amazing find as no museum has this anywhere!

Almost all of feet inner bones are from the same beardog. Phone (314) 556-0650 or email us The following Apatosaurus Vertebra was found in the Morrison formation of Wyoming. There has been no restoration other than glue to stabilize . A great find from the Hell Creek Formation of Central Montana, USA. 5 (plus shipping) Nanotyrannus ("dwarf tyrant") is a genus of tyrannosaurid dinosaur.

Each bone is cradled in it's armature allowing individual pieces to be removed for study.

We can find real fossils or replicas and get you the lowest price anywhere. Rhinoceros Pair #1 Two fighting woolly rhinoceros skeletons (Coelodonta antiquitatis) Size: 6.95 (common length) x 2.30 x 1.90 (height) Age - 40 000 - 50 000 y.a.

To my knowledge nothing has been found yet until now on this .

This is of great scientific importance to everyone, and unlimited value.

We provide excellent Dinosaur fossils and Dinosaur cast replicas to museums, universities, and collectors.

We ship anywhere in the world and accept checks, money orders, credit cards, Pay Pal and purchase orders. For ordering information please contact: Taylor Made Fossils 1550 Irving Avenue Saint Louis, Missouri 63133 USA (314) 556-0650 We are open 24 hours.

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