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This takes pressure off the penis and reduces risk of PE. Intercourse is fundamental to reproduction, but after the reproductive years, it becomes problematic.

It also pleases women, whose most common complaint about men’s lovemaking is that it’s too rushed and too genital focused. For older men, iffy erections and ED become increasingly prevalent.

A recent scientifially rigorous survey shows that PE affects 31 percent of men in their fifties, 30 percent in their early sixties, 28 percent from 65 to 70, and 22 percent from 75 to 85.

PE has two major causes, anxiety and penis-centered sex.

Men need fondling, and as they grow older, often increasing amounts of more vigorous stroking.

It’s disconcerting to lose firmness and suffer wilting from minor distractions—a phone ringing—but these change are .

Couples who appreciate this can enjoy more fulfilling sex at 65 than they had at 25—even without erections and intercourse.” Many of life and marriage problems my 50-70 years old clients are telling about have their clear root to unsatisfying sex; fears of 'loosing it' drive many to act crazy. Men have just as much trouble communicating with honesty how and why physical intimacy has gone and is not present as women.

This article would serve as a great I am mid 50's, fit, not over weight and have no health issues like high blood pressure etc. In the same fashion as we inform young women of PAP, HPV, Fecundity, Female Sexual Development and Problems, etc.). In this season we call life much changes all the time. For men, the onset of losing their libido and midlife crisis can be a defining moment. With this in mind, a man presented with the inability to perform, must make use of alternatives to penile-vaginal intercourse to satisfy his mate.

If older men can still get hard solo, they don't have ED.

I'm personally surprised to hear that men are expected to have problems by as early as 40 or 50. He always was a severe premature ejactulator and refused to get help.

Tried many, many times to discuss it with him with no success. Of course, it didn't solve anything, as that person also only wanted oral without much reciprocation.

I went to the doctor, had a pretty good examination and they didn't find anything wrong. Which is why I'm so grateful that you shared your experience. I still believe that some things are missing from the description of aging sex. (I would have preferred this be a private letter but could not find a personal email.). 6) By only beginning the Male Sexual Aging Narrative at 40 years of age, it is, ipso facto, giving the impression of a more closely personal occurrence rather than a global male clinical reality. Thus 'watchful waiting' should begin, in spite of extreme ego and societal sensitivities, at a much earlier age (16 years. Nothing worse than having high energy woman mated with low libido (energy) man. But how do you handle a husband who turns their back to you after 40 years of marriage.

I started taking a daily drug for erections and it makes me feel like 20 again. My information comes from sex therapists who treat middle-aged men. It's been over 6 years of no intimacy or affection.

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Cornell researchers surveyed 6,291 older men, half of whom complained of erection problems. “Compared with young lovers,” explains Richard Sprott, Ph. I think that you can well understand the intent of my point of view. I would love to see greater in depth articles which discuss these point even if it is difficult for specific egos. Its works well for me and gives me the confidence I need to enjoy sex. I think he at one time very full filling all ways around. We did so much and now he and l are going through so many changes. I am more guided by nature not really a sexual toy girl or weirdo type if you get me. Men also need to confront their inability to perform and either make allowances for extra intimacy or step up their game in providing a counter-balance.

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