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Three years ago, my husband and I were in a sexual state that I would describe as rutine...Lets be honest having someone you can talk openly about everything sexual would be great.guys if u r looking for some real fun..i'm a bisexual male..i can please men and women both..i even do crossdressing sometimes,,especially i love wearing saree and i wish there could be a men to take it off,, grab me from behind and kiss all over my body PS: i don't have male... In the beginning I was unfaithful and cheated off and on for the first four or five years with two other women.

i am open to chatting with just about anyone, about just about anything, but it seems like not too many others are...Oh don't lie now we have all thought about those hmmmmmm, what if's...Everybody wants to be young and attractive, but I’m a mature male who dreams of waking up as a young woman and not immediately embracing my situation.I thought that when I went to their home that two men doing me would be fantastic.Immagine being told to "get on your knees before your masters" when we got there. about 6 months ago me and my fiance talked about a chastity device for me.

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