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He was in a further 16 Carry On films, often cast as ineffectual types, acting everything from a science teacher to a ship's medical officer, an ornithologist to a caravan-site owner, although he took a five-year break in the Sixties to return to the stage, but this did not stop him appearing in other pictures, including Captain Nemo and the Underwater City (1968).

After 1969, when he made Carry On Up the Jungle, Connor's big-screen appearances were all with the Carry On crew, apart from a role in Eric Sykes's wordless comedy Rhubarb (1970).

He subsequently appeared on the London stage as Mr Kimber in Queen Elizabeth Slept Here (Strand Theatre, 1949), Taffy in Waggonload O' Monkeys (Savoy Theatre, 1951) and O'Dwyer in Trelawney of the Wells (Lyric, Hammersmith, 1952), before playing in The Merchant of Venice at the Old Vic Theatre, in 1953.

In the same year, he took over from Peter Sellers in Ted Ray's radio show Ray's a Laugh - launched by the BBC in 1949 as a successor to Tommy Handley's Itma - and created characters such as the shopkeeper Sidney Mincing (catchprase 'Do you mind]') and the oddjob man Herbert Toil, reviving them when the programme moved to television as The Ted Ray Show in 1955.

We are dedicated to creating solutions and delivering service to our clients.With a wide range of facial expressions to add to his panoply of voices, Connor was also much in demand on television, appearing in the anarchic, Goon-style Idiot Weekly, Price 2d (1956), written by Spike Milligan and starring Peter Sellers, and as a guest in Charlie Farnabarn's Show, Alfred Marks Time, The Dickie Valentine Show, The Black and White Minstrel Show, The Anne Shelton Show and Hi Summer.He was also in a number of children's programmes, such as For the Children and Huckleberry Finn and, more seriously, played the Bigamist in a television adaptation of Somerset Maugham's The Round Dozen.until p.m., on Tuesday, November 21, 2017, at Behr Funeral Home, 1491 Main Street, where there will be a prayer service held at p.m. Never one to shy away from work, after his stint in the service, Ken would go on to own and operate the Quarter Deck in Baldwin, Iowa, for 18 years.Burial will be in Dubuque Memorial Gardens, where full military honors will be accorded by the Dubuque Marine Corps League. And his final 10 years of productively sharing his time and talents with others, before finally settling into retirement, were earnestly devoted to Care Pest Control.

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