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Could you have two auto complete extenders and two webmethods where the value from method one updates textbox one and method two gets the value from method one and updates textbox two? The idea is that when you select a value from autocomplete1, it sets the context key of autocomplete2.

This context key will be sent to the webmethod of autocomplete2.

Default: 6A custom function that does not modify the content but that can format it for display.

This app is a very simple mockup of how to update multiple objects in your database from a single view.Hi, I have a form containing fields for a user to enter an address.The town/city field in the form uses an autocomplete extender to return a list of suggested towns/citys which are taken from an sql query in my webservice.In addition to the built-in transitions, you may also create custom transitions in your CSS files.In IE9 and lower, all animations default to a Java Script generated, fade animation.

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