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As long as the clerk doesn't hit the pay button you can get them checked with no problems.If you run into a problem where the clerk hit the pay button first and then didn't have enough to pay you.That helps reduce any problem with people trying to take a ticket to multiple places to cash a ticket in.If it is a winner and is over the 0 limit (on Pick3) the machine will read, "must be redeemed at a lottery office".She ran the ticket and tore it, then told him that she did not have the cash to pay the ticket. He then went to another store and they ran it told him that it was already paid out. So I took the ticket and mailed it in to the lottery headquarters it took forever for then to responed, they sent the ticket back with the validation code and store number and told us that this store at this time with this number had cashed the ticket in.So I ask the clerk all the time before I cash in any thing if they have the money first. Hi Derek, If it is anything like Missouri you can get your ticket scanned to see if it is a winner without it being a problem.I usually check these types of tickets before leaving the property of the retailer so if it has been scanned and I just bought it, I can report it to the management or the lottery commission right away. I once bought some instant tickets in Kentucky and I was told they had to be validated and payed where purchased.

She then made out a form with the store number and validation code and I went to the closest authorized bank with that form and collected my winnings.

You need to go to headquarters (however ticked would seem scanned already) or to NOT scan and just go to headqarters...? Is there a difference between validation and claim...?

If I would go to headqarters they would send me back to validate it? A few years ago I matched 5of6 in the Ohio Super Lotto for 00.

A few years ago I matched 5of6 in the Ohio Super Lotto for 00.

I use to check when ever I cashed in winners for more than to make sure the store had enough cash to pay, but now I buy and cash my tickets at gas stations and they always have enough money. In FL you can only collect up to 9 at a store and anything over 0 must be claimed at a District Lottery Office.

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